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            Company news

            An overview of high speed gravure press

            Author: Shenzhen HappyField Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Publication time:2018-06-01 18:30:24Views:2762SLM

            Gravure press, high speed intaglio printing machine
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               High speed gravure press is a kind of printing machine. It has fast speed and high efficiency. It can reduce a lot of time in the process of printing. It is an efficient printing equipment. The main drive composed of frequency conversion motor, transmission shaft and connecting gear is transmitted to all printing units. At the same time, each printing unit has an independent ink box device to provide a certain viscosity of ink to the surface of the roll, and the ink is copied to the surface of the substrate through the scraping device. The main drive drives the unit roller to run synchronously through each gear to complete the printing action. Then through the heating oven and the natural drying box, it is quickly dried, and finally through the winding device to be printed, the whole process is controlled by the industrial computer and automatically adjusted.

                Printing structure of high speed gravure press:
            Reel section: non - axial loading, can adapt to different paper core, quick replacement, high speed non stop switching, save time, improve efficiency, zero speed difference, stable tension, low scrap rate.
            Drying Department: two return air using energy saving, single set of automatic constant temperature control, favorable to various colors of printing, high wind speed high flow can create low temperature and high wind speed drying way, the whole box in the negative pressure design, to prevent hot air outflow.
            Cooling section: the cooling effect is obvious, the reflux is self overflow, no large water pressure, no rotary joint, large angle of water cooling roll, long contact material, obvious cooling effect, flexible rolling support operation and convenient maintenance.
            Rack and feeding part: the overall wall plate two internal stress elimination, high stability, import processing center processing, high precision, the first processing of positioning holes, ensure the accurate positioning of each group, smooth guide roller layout, so that the rolling stock runs smoothly.
            Printing department: fast replacement of non - axial loading plate, accurate positioning, early version of the system can quickly enter the set of printing, three azimuth blade adjustment can create the best position angle of the scraper.
            Reeling Department: non - axial loading, quick replacement, high speed non - stop changing, saving time, improving efficiency, zero speed difference change, tension stability, low scrap rate, concordance inside and outside of the coil, no core phenomenon.

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