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            Development history
            • Year of 2014

              By the end of December, 7 sets of electronic axis gravure press with special functions exported to Japan by Shenzhen HappyField have been produced normally.

            • Year of 2012

              In December, Shenzhen HappyField international trade department was formally established, marking the official step of Shenzhen HappyField to international.

            • Year of 2012

              In January, the solventless complex machine developed by Shenzhen HappyField independently developed, designed and produced. Its compound speed is 450m/min. Shenzhen HappyField has become a domestic m...

            • Year of 2011

              In May 31st, Shenzhen HappyField customer service center was formally established, with Shenzhen and Chaoshan area as the shooting point, service network radiation nationwide, and the introduction of ...

            • Year of 2011

              In May, TL-260C automatic high speed intaglio paper printing machine realized high speed non-stop switching and successfully realized 0 waste. The successful operation of this function could repla...

            • Year of 2010

              In Shenzhen, HappyField 15th anniversary, successfully developed and launched the TL-260C automatic high speed gravure paper printing machine, the actual printing speed (40g paper) up to 280m/min! A...

            • Year of 2009

              The composite speed of the TLGF type dry type composite machine reaches 300m/min, writing the legend of Shenzhen speed again, and introducing the TL-260A and TL-260B type high speed gravure pres...

            • Year of 2008

              After 4 years of testing and continuous improvement, the actual printing speed of Lok high speed intaglio printing machine has reached 332m/min. Moreover, the transmission gear has no damage, and the ...

            • Year of 2007

              TLW-860 intaglio printing machine formally renamed TL-180A, and added TL-230A and TL-230B intaglio printing machine at the same time. It has been sought after by many domestic users.

            • Year of 2004

              Working with Jieyang remote printing plant to develop gravure press, the experimental mechanical axis can work continuously at 300m/min speed

            • Year of 2003

              The TLW-860 gravure press has been designed and improved, and the actual printing speed has reached 230m/min

            • Year of 2002

              The TLGF1050 type dry compound machine was successfully introduced, and the compound speed was 180m/min. Marks the beginning of Shenzhen HappyField into the high-speed era

            • Year of 2001

              The TLW-860 type gravure press has been successfully launched, printing speed up to 180m/min. At this point, Shenzhen speed, Seiko quality has become synonymous with Shenzhen HappyField company

            • Year of 1997

              The no gap gear reducer has obtained the national invention patent, which has greatly improved the service life of the gearbox and the accuracy of the equipment.

            • Year of 1996

              The shaftless version succeeded in obtaining the national invention patent

            • Year of 1995

              Shenzhen HappyField Packing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established