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            Solventless composite machine
            • TLEPL-M multifunction solvent-free composite machine
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            TLEPL-M multifunction solvent-free composite machine

            Category:Solventless composite machine

            Summary:Multifunction solventless composite machine

            National Advisory Service Hotline:0755-29783957


            • Product introduction
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            Configuration of TLEPL-M multi-functional solvent free composite machine

            ■ Shaftless air top loading

            ■ Single touch screen control

            ■ Import and export material correction device

            ■ Multi-function loading device

            ■ Intelligent communicable glue mixer

            ■ Compound velocity:400m~600m/min

            ■ Roll width:600~1500mm

            ■ Stainless steel front cover

            ■ Applicable materials: all kinds of thin films and aluminum foil

            ■ Paper core size:3“ 6”

            400 meters! Customer actual operation

             Dual job function practice:

            Actual production of Yin and Yang membrane:

            Order:TLEPL-M multifunction solvent-free composite machine

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